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Restaurant Seating Inspired by Schoolhouse Chairs

Restaurant Seating Inspired by Schoolhouse Chairs

Incorporating schoolhouse-style chairs in restaurant and bar settings can make for a dynamic combination.



Schoolhouse Chair Design


The schoolhouse chair design, known for its simplicity and functionality, emerged during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Initially crafted for educational institutions, these chairs featured a wooden seat and backrest, often made from beechwood. This combination ensured both stability and comfort. Today’s schoolhouse style chairs by Eustis Chair revolutionize the chair joinery to make them even more reliable than their predecessors.


Utilitarian Aesthetics


The utilitarian aesthetics of schoolhouse chairs make them well-suited for commercial spaces like restaurants and bars. Their clean lines, robust construction, and minimalist design are ideal for high-traffic environments. The chairs’ stackability further contributes to their space-efficient nature, when not in use.


Vintage and Retro Allure


These chairs garner nostalgic appeal due to their association with early 20th-century design. Their vintage and retro charm is highly sought after, with many establishments adopting them to evoke a sense of nostalgia.


Contemporary Adaptations


In recent years, designers and manufacturers have reimagined the classic schoolhouse chair design, incorporating modern finishes, and variations in form. While the traditional hardwoods remain popular, schoolhouse-style chairs now come in various wood types and finishes.


Restaurant Seating Inspired by Schoolhouse Chairs by Eustis Chair


Eustis Chair manufactures and designs several options for restaurant seating inspired by schoolhouse chairs. These include the Charleston, Charleston Stack, Oberlin, Northampton, Simmons, Saint Marks, and Skidmore. These products feature such ingenious design elements as splayed back posts, durable joinery, and a seat drop for an anatomically comfortable sitting position (slight angle from the front of the seat to the back). Today, schoolhouse-style chairs continue to be widely embraced in restaurants, bars, cafes, and various establishments, serving as a testament to the enduring appeal of their timeless design and providing a touch of nostalgia.


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