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Adjusting Your Restaurant Floor Plan for Social Distancing

As we adjust to the “new normal” one thing is clear, we will all have to make some modifications to move forward. These changes may be as small as putting out bottles of hand sanitizer next to any “high touch” spaces. These adjustments may be as large as changing up the layout of your restaurant to ensure compliance with social distancing rules. You will want to keep both your staff and your patrons safe. Safety is important in these changing times. You will want to keep everyone healthy so they can keep returning time and time again.


Step One: Create a New Floor Plan

Your new floor plan should allow customers and employees to move about the space without bumping into one another. We provide examples below of  restaurant floor plans, both before and after social distancing. You will notice we suggest removing the square four-tops in the social distancing layout. The chairs that are not in use are safely stacked on transporters and stored away. The round tables move to new spots to provide extra space for everyone to move around safely. Restaurants can place temporary partitions or guards between the tables in the new configuration for added comfort and safety. 





How Can Stacking Chairs Help?


Stacking chairs make it easy to re-configure and re-imagine your spaces with minimal staff on hand. When your chairs can stack up to ten chairs high, you can quickly move the chairs for the changing times. Stacking wooden chairs allow your staff to safely store your chairs. When it comes time to purchase stacking restaurant chairs, quality is just as important as style.

How do you know if stacking hardwood chairs are worth purchasing?
Quality hardwood stacking chairs:
  • Are able to stack at least 6 chairs high
  • Come with at least a 10 year warranty 
  • Are manufactured in the USA
  • Are customizable


What Products Can Help Keep Staff and Patrons Safe?


EustisChair offers many options for custom stacking hardwood chairs (and transporters) that are Made in America and come with a 20 year warranty offers a variety of sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers that can help keep everyone healthy

TeamShield offers portable sneeze guards that can be customized

Worthington Direct sells barriers for health and safety

Brady sells signs reminding people that distance is important

Displays2Go offers social distancing supplies that can be customized



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