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Risley Residential College Gothic Chair

gothic chair

Risley Residential College Gothic Chair

Risley College Gothic Chair

Risley Residential College is on the campus of Cornell University.

According to their website, the Community features of Risley Residential College are as follows:

  • Open to first-year, transfer, and upperlevel students
  • 194 residents
  • Located on North Campus, near Robert Purcell Community Center and Appel Commons
  • Single and double rooms arranged on corridors, with both single-sex and gender-neutral bathrooms
  • Dining halls, community lounges, art spaces and workshops, and kitchens on every floor
  • Bedrooms contain, for each occupant: an extra-long twin bed, a closet and a bureau (or wardrobe/bureau combination), a desk and desk chair, a desk lamp, a wastebasket, and floor carpeting
  • Wireless Internet access

Risley College Gothic Chair

Cornell University hired Eustis Chair to adapt one of our durable stacking wood dining hall chairs for their Risley Residential College’s dining room. Our newly created Risley chair has collegiate gothic design elements.

The History

The original Gothic time period happened in the Middle Ages. During the 12th Century in Europe, there was an obvious style that was popular. You can find gothic style in the churches and castles build in this time period. These buildings are full of small details and vast embellishments. Of the Gothic chairs in the 12th Century, most chairs had low backs. In the 13th century, the chairs changed to have octogonal shapes and were heavier than before.

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