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School Library Chairs

Marymount High

School Library Chairs

We owe a lot of success starting out to library renovations. Libraries are extremely high use space. In fact, a library’s success is often measured by the foot traffic and amount of people that visit the library. However, libraries are tasked with finding durable seating that won’t break while facing the immense daily wear and tear. Most wooden chairs on the market break within 3 years because of their weak joinery. However, our Eustis Joints are made with our patented joinery. Our craftspeople construct each chair with steel rods and inject each with retrograde epoxy for added stability. 

Marymount High School chose Eustis Chair for new school library chairs. Marymount High chose Los Angeles architects Jeffrey M. Kalban & Associates to design their exciting renovation project. These architects have proprietary experience with Eustis Chair.  Furthermore, they recommend our Charleston chair for the Marymount High School library in spite of a budget issue. The school chose to buy our Eustis Joint® chairs over 2 fiscal years, rather than settle for a less elegant chair that would have to be replaced in 10 years. To this day, the chairs are holding up perfectly. We hope to work with Marymount High School on another project in the near future! 

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