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stack formation seating arrangement

Stack Formation Seating

Stack formation seating arrangement is an option you may want to explore for your 2021 classroom. There are literally dozens of different classroom arrangements. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the options. You must consider the size of your classroom space when planning for different seating arrangements. Once you take your space into consideration, you will want to decide if you need extra space for a reading area or breakout session area. If you are comfortable utilizing your entire classroom you will need to ask yourself what type of learning will happen most often. If you have a collaborative classroom that does a lot of group work you will want to factor that in. 


Depending on where you teach, you may have different local regulations on how close students can be in the classroom. Or you may have no regulations at all. In this arrangement, students sit very close to one another. There are some pros to this. They are able to interact easily. Group work can happen without having to re-arrange desks and/ or chairs. A lecture-style classroom will likely be arranged quite differently than one with a collaborative focus. 2021 is going to be all about maintaining flexibility. It is likely that local, state, or national regulations will change at some point. In fact, they may change multiple points in the year.   



Stack formation is an arrangement where learners sit close together. Students can easily complete group work. This setup creates a cohesive group feeling within the classroom environment. This setup is useful when giving classroom demonstrations. You can easily utilize brainstorming sessions in this arrangement. If you use a lot of small visual aids, this could be a helpful configuration.



This particular desk arrangement may not be possible in certain areas of the country, due to Covid restrictions. Students sitting so close to one another can sometimes lead to disruptive behavior. Students may not be comfortable sitting so close to other classmates. Sometimes having students close together can cause disciplinary problems in the classroom. 


When you are working to create an optimum learning environment, stack formation is certainly one of the seating arrangements you can consider. Have a happy and healthy school year.

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