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Stacking Arm Chairs

Del Paso Country Club

Stacking Arm Chairs

We pride ourselves in making the most beautiful yet durable hardwood chairs on the market. In fact, we design our chairs with high use spaces specifically in mind. Here at Eustis, we understand that well loved spaces have to put up with a lot of daily wear and tear. Therefore, all of our chairs are designed with our patented joinery. Each chair contains steel rods for support and retrograde epoxy for reinforcement. Dining facilities also desire the ease of stacking chairs. A stacking arm chair provides seamless storage and easy set up and take down for facilities staff. 

Two years ago, Del Paso Country Club came to us with a renovation project for their dining hall. Del paso is located in the heart of Sacramento. With the help of their general manager and facility’s staff, they ordered 200 of our University Club stacking chairs. Furthermore, this order was our first University Club order with arms. The members are very pleased with the elegance and comfort of the chairs. Furthermore, the club has recently authorized 48 more chairs to add to their dining hall. Who would believe that this elegant stacking arm chair stacks 6 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure! 

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