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Merrimac stacking chair

Richmond Funeral Home

Stacking Church Chairs

This is one of the first funeral home projects we’ve ever done. Typically, we fit libraries, universities, and dining spaces with the perfect hardwood chair. However, we are switching it up! Furthermore, funeral homes are starting to make the switch from pews to hardwood chairs. We all agree they simply look nicer. We specialize in stacking church chairs and stacking wood chairs in general. The stacking element provides convenience and ease in set up and take down for events. Not to mention, they are completely customizable and provide traditional elegance to any space. 

We worked with the Joseph W. Bliley Funeral Home 2 years ago. They chose our Merrimac stacking chapel chairs for their Chippenham Chapel. They initially felt that our chairs would provide comfort and style to their funeral space. In addition, they came back to us last week for a new order for their Staples Mill Chapel. We are extremely confine they will love our Merrimac  chairs just as much as their Chippenham Chapel location. 

With many less expensive alternatives, it is gratifying when a customer comes back to us for our unique combination of elegance and functionality in a stacking hardwood chair. Quality chairs with our 20 year warranty is hard to come by. Furthermore, it often is cost effective for institutions in the long run!

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