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Supporting Small Businesses

Helping Small Business Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Small businesses have always been a vital part of the US economy. The recent economic downfall due to COVID 19 is threatening these important industries. Because of this, we at Eustis chair encourage you all to shop small during this unprecedented time. 


This article, written by Shopify discusses some of the things that small businesses do for their communities. This article is relevant and speaks to many of the things that are wonderful about small businesses.


What Makes Small Businesses Great? 

To start, job creation is extremely important. In fact, small businesses bring jobs to local communities, because small businesses tend to hire locally. This is a vital way for companies give back to the economy of various communities. 


Additionally, small businesses often have direct connections with customers. Because of this, these businesses often have fantastic customer service. Superior customer service is something we believe makes a company stand out when compared to their competitors. In fact, small businesses typically don’t have outsourced sales representatives as many larger companies do. Therefore, when customers call to inquire to a small business, they speak directly to those involved with the day-to-day business. Small businesses usually want the best for their clients. We know many small business owners who have turned down jobs because they didn’t think they were the best fit for the customer. 


Finally, one thing that we value, that is consistent with small businesses, is sustainability.  There are often fewer “moving parts” with smaller companies. Because of this, employees at small businesses are often able to be involved directly with getting products to clients. Small companies are able to use innovative ways to be more eco-friendly.  

As Dayna Winter said, “… small businesses are important to the economic and social fabric of our society, and we all play a part in their survival.” In this trying time, we at Eustis Chair encourage you to shop small. 



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