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Captain Accent Chair

Sustainable Wood Chairs By Design

Sustainable Hardwood Chairs


Every Eustis Chair is designed and manufactured to be the most durable. Therefore, our chairs are the most sustainable hardwood chairs available. You can rely on Eustis Chairs to hold up for decades of heavy use. We manufacture our chairs for the wear and tear of high use spaces. Our chairs are the perfect complement to your library, dining hall, study areas, or restaurant.


Thanks to our patented Eustis Joint®, our chair joints the strongest in the industry.We use steel rods and retrograde epoxy to hold all wood joints in place. You can also even lean back in your chair without fear of loosening the joints! In addition, We made each chair model to order. Furthermore, each chair is hand assembled in our US chair factory using cutting edge, 5 axis CNC machinery. We use modern computer programmed cutting and drilling equipment. Therefore, we are able to cut down on wood waste, and save on electricity by performing several actions on each piece of wood concurrently. Local famers receive any excess wood chips to make animal bedding. Contact us today to discuss your next chair or renovation project or learn more about our chair line and custom chair capabilities.

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