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Sustainable Chairs

Sustainable Library Chairs

In 2017, the Joan Weill Adirondack Library at Paul Smith’s College in upstate New York received 60 Charleston chairs. These chairs replaced their previous seating. Paul Smith’s is one of the finest college libraries in the Northeast. It serves as a regional information center. The library has 55,000 books and serials in their collection. The Library lives up to its surroundings. It has an earth-sheltered, passive-solar design of the library building. Paul Smith’s College is well-known for its stunning campus beauty. Paul Smith’s is in the Adirondack Mountains. It has a commitment to the environment, which extends to their earth-friendly architecture. In fact, much of the wood comes from the College’s local green-certified lands. This includes cherry and sugar maple species. In 2002, the year it opened its doors, the library building even won the Outstanding Use of Wood award. This comes from the Northeastern Loggers Association. We have a kinship with the Library’s focus on sustainability measures. We pay extra attention to the craftsmanship of our sustainable library chairs.
The Charleston sustainable library chairs are built to replace some older library chairs. The older chairs were made elsewhere new in 2002. They could not stand up to the daily rigors of library demands. In fact, by the time Paul Smith’s came to us, the warranty had long expired on their other chairs. This left the school with roughly half of their original order. The rest broke from the daily strain.


Sustainable for the Future

By now, it is clear they need chairs that will both last a lifetime and fulfill their environmental objectives. We are always eager to meet both demands. Over a year later, the Library’s sustainable Eustis chairs are still going strong. Other chairs would have begun degrading. Our warranty covers twenty years, protecting against Eustis Joint failure. We offer an unbeatable warranty. The service life of a Eustis chair will last much longer. Plus, the Library and College can find even more happiness with our chairs. Eustis Chairs are sustainably built from how we source our lumber all the way to factory recycling measures. We are truly an excellent match for the only four-year college in the Adirondack Park.

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