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What is the best reading chair?

What is the best reading chair?

Things to Consider When Choosing a Reading Chair: 


Any book-lover knows that a comfortable chair is a fundamental part of the reading experience. While enjoying the latest paperback, you want to be relaxed and supported. But what is the best reading chair?  


Reading Chair Materials 


With hundreds of options, it can be overwhelming to even know where to start. Our advice when picking out a reading chair is to start by choosing a material. Leather, wood, vinyl, and fabric are just a few examples of what your new chair could be made of.

Take stock of your individual space and needs. Vinyl or plastic chairs are easy to clean and usually more affordable but are rarely long-lasting. Hardwood is the best chair material for longevity. Wood chairs are stable and durable, while also providing comfort.  


Some companies, such as Eustis Chair, pay special attention to joinery. Chair joints are an essential part of creating furniture with wooden elements. The Eustis Joint allows for sturdy, trustworthy chairs that hold up all manner of people while providing the ability to stack many chairs, which can be incredibly useful depending on your storage space. 




The next thing to consider when picking a reading chair is style. Traditional versus contemporary is the usual design divide, but unlike many materials (such as stone, steel, or plastic) wood can appeal to a plethora of styles and aesthetics. A wood chair can fit into a rustic, industrial space or a more colorful, eclectic design. They can also work in sleek, modern spaces or more old-fashioned, traditional ones. 

One way wood can do this is because of its customizability. Wood furniture can be stained in all manner of ways to match your stylistic needs and can even be stained to match existing pieces. 

Upholstered wood chairs are also an option, whether to match your aesthetic or to add cushion under the sitter as they read. 




The environmental impact of any given product is becoming more and more of a concern to potential consumers. We encourage you to consider sustainability when selecting a reading chair.  

While plastic may be cheap, wood is the most sustainable furniture material. As mentioned above, wood is long-lasting, which cuts down on future production, as well as it being a renewable resource. Moreover, according to recent studies, wood (and other natural materials) being indoors can improve human health and happiness. 

Eustis Chair is committed to sustainable practices. We use sustainably sourced materials devoid of toxic chemicals. As a result, our wood chairs are produced ethically and stand the test of time. 


Rose Reading Chair 


If you’re still asking yourself what is the best reading chair, let us point you to one of our favorites. The Rose Reading Room Chair was created for the New York Public Library to replace the original Rose Reading chairs. Now, hundreds of library-goers sit and read in these chairs every week. With an elegant, traditional design, and with the added stability of the Eustis Joint, this chair provides a cozy reading spot for anyone. 

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