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10-60 chair

The Bohemian 10-60

Elegant Stacking Chair


There are times you may need to purchase an elegant stackable chair. We recommend checking out our Bohemian style. The standard Bohemian chair is 18” in front width. It seats 10 people at a 60” round table if you do not push the chairs in past the table cloth. For those GM’s and Catering Managers who prefer to push the seat in a bit under the table, we have created the Bohemian 10-60, with a reduced the front width of 17′.  The slightly narrower chair still looks and sits great. More important, it still stacks 6-8 high, and comes with our remarkable 20 year warranty against Eustis Joint failure. Both the original Bohemian chair by Eustis Chair and the Bohemian 10-60 are wonderful choices for your club, dining space, grill room, libraries, and more. 


The Bohemian 10-60


We manufacture every Eustis Chair in our U.S. factory. Eustis Chair makes each chair from your choice of hardwood specie. We upholster the chairs in any commercially available fabric, vinyl, or leather. We custom stain the chairs at no extra charge to you, so they match your project. Contact us today to discuss options, pricing, or request sample chairs. Eustis Chair looks forward to hearing from you. 



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