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grill room chair

The Grill Room

Elegant Member Dining Chair


The Grill Room chair’s design is a club chair reproduction. The original was used for many decades at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, a prestigious private club. We kept the classic lines and the traditional furniture nails of the old design. However, we updated a few elements. These adjustments include changes to the engineering. Now, we include the proprietary Eustis Joints®. This new joinery is the strongest in the industry. We add steel rods to every joint for durability. In addition, we inject retrograde epoxy for added stability. This allowed us to eliminate the stretchers found in the old design. 


The Grill Room


The Grill Room chair that we developed boasts thick arm rests and overlapping seat upholstery. The chair’s thick back is designed with dining comfort in mind. The back upholstery sits high for a comfortable dining or lounge environment. It also has tapered legs to help with ease of movement. The chair comes with rolling feet for convenience. The Grill Room chair is available in any hardwood species, upholstery fabric or leather. 


With great comfort and a 20 year warranty, the Grill Room chair is an excellent choice for any club or dining space. Please contact us today with any questions about any of our chairs. We are always happy to help. 


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