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The Kennedy Club

Traditional Banquet and Dining Chairs

The Kennedy Club chair is a redesign of our popular Kennedy option. The Kennedy is a popular choice for club grill rooms and lounges due to its traditional elegance.. With its namesake’s higher arm height and firm design, the Kennedy Club retains the best construction. It is becoming even more popular with its upholstered arms and traditional furniture nails. Design elements include a smooth curved back panel, sturdy arms, and sleek legs. Further potential additions for this chair include casters for easy rolling; this is of course optional, as we can manufacture any chair to your specifications. The chair still has the great comfort of the Kennedy with a slightly eased back. It’s angled to support the way most people sit in a more casual dining environment.

Kennedy Club

Carefully engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, we construct our chairs to last. Moreover, our joinery and chairs are the strongest and most elite on the market. We inject each joint with steel rods and retrograde epoxy for added stability.  This chair chair is available with or without casters and completely customizable and comes with a 20 year warranty.
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