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lawrenceville school chair

The Lawrenceville

Traditional School Dining and Banquet Chairs


The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey asked us for a unique new design to complement their illustrious heritage. Using some of our earlier Gothic chairs as inspiration, we created the new Lawrenceville chair model. The new chair is distinct from its predecessors like the Taft and Burton Judson. The design is complete with sturdy features and a stunning motif. The back of the chair includes laser engraving on the top rail and defined slats that run downwards to the comfortable seat. Its resplendent look is best paired with the prestige of centuries of tradition, which we love. Lawrenceville loved our chairs’ simple, yet durable, charm. We designed this chair specifically for daily wear and tear for this high use space. 


The Lawrenceville 


With the Eustis Joint®, every Lawrenceville chair will last longer than any other wood chair in its class. These chairs are also stackable, and can stack up to 8 chairs high for enhanced institutional convenience. There is no beating the unmatched durability, elegance, and comfort present throughout our line!

Please contact us with any questions you may have about this chair or any in our line. We are always happy to help with any and all!

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