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monterey chair

The Monterey

Traditional Hardwood Chair


The distinctive Spanish Revival design of this chair was taken from several turn-of-the-century chairs found in the Monterey area of California. As you may expect, we love reconstructing historical designs of chairs. Its composition borrows directly from Spanish Colonial style elements. These elements include distinctive carved spindles and an ornate top rail. Old World meets new in this impeccable seating, In fact, our chairs can undergo further customization to best complement your high-use space.


The Monterey


We first manufactured the Monterey for UC Berkeley. They requested a special look for the renovated Clark Kerr Dining Commons. Moreover, dining halls, of course, are extremely high use spaces. We design our chairs specifically to withstand daily wear and tear of student use. The designers were jumping for joy after learning we could produce a stacking wood chair. They loved that this chair because it is elegant and can withstand the rigors of a college dining hall. The stackability of our chairs makes for easy set up and take down for evens, as well as clearing the facility for cleaning. The key, of course, is our proprietary Eustis Joint®, constructed with steel rods and retrograde epoxy. Lastly, the Monterey chair a sustainable and long-lasting choice that comes with a 20 year warranty protecting against joint failure. 


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