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The Simmons

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The Simmons

Traditional Hardwood Chairs

Simmons College reached out to us wanting stacking chairs that could withstand high use spaces. A few of our chairs caught their eye. They asked us to put a curved “crown” in the top of our Charleston chair, and we were delighted with the result. Like its predecessor, the Simmons chair is as comfortable as it is distinctive, and more durable than anyone would think possible in such an elegant chair. Its design inspired others, including the Simmons bar stool, for its excellent composition. This chair was the perfect chair ot withstand any classroom, dining hall, or library. Its sturdy construction allows daily wear and tear to be minimal, and these chairs to last for decades. 

The Simmons

The key to the durability of this chair is our proprietary Eustis Joint®. In fact, our joints are the strongest on the marekt. To craft our elite joinery, we inject steel rods and retrograde epoxy for added stability. We always say that our joints end up being stronger than the hardwood itself. Made with concealed steel rods and high-strength epoxies, our Eustis Joints® come with an unprecedented 20-year warranty. 

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