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taft school chair

The Taft

Traditional School Dining Chair

Boston architects Gund Partnership designed a new Gothic dining hall for The Taft School. They wanted the benefits of a stacking chair for their client. They also wanted to durability of a chair that would withstand the pressures of high use spaces. They asked us to create a new chair for this project, and came up with a new version of our line’s Gothic Revival chairs. Needless to say, we love historical reproductions. 


The Taft

The Taft chair has elite traditional elegance. The back of the Taft chair has a wide center banister that finishes in a slight arch, imitating the high pointed arches and narrow windows of many Gothic corridors. The look is complete with a subtle carving on the top slat for a clean, refined touch. This chair is elegant and unique; above all, durable. It will endure for many decades as a result of our proprietary Eustis Joints®. Our hardwood chairs are the most durable on the market due to this construction. To craft our joints, we inject steel rods and retrograde epoxy to each joint for added stability. We are so confident in our joints that each chair with a Eustis Joint comes with a 20 year warranty protecting against joint failure. 

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