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Top Ranked Country Clubs

top ranked clubs

Highly Ranked Clubs are Eustis Chair Clients


Over the past 31 years, Eustis Chair has worked with some of the most highly ranked and prestigious golf clubs in the US. In total, we have created chairs for 14 of the 200 best clubs in the US, as ranked by Golfweek. We are immensely proud of this accomplishment. We look forward to working with these and other clubs in the future!


Our Clients  


We are so proud to have five clients in the top 50 club list. To begin, our client, Prairie Dunes Country Club ranked 11th on this distinguished list. This gorgeous club in Oklahoma is home to many Eustis Chairs! Next, Peachtree Golf Club comes in at #21 and also has some of our legendary hardwood chairs. Coming in at #23 in Bloomfield, Michigan is Oakland Hills Country Club. At number 25 is The Country Club in Brookline. This East Coast country club is just outside of Boston. In fact, football legend Tom Brady was a member before moving to Tampa! Our final client on the top 50 list is The Olympic Club. This seaside club in California comes in at #33!


Similarly, we have three clients that are placed between the 50 and 100 ranks. The Yale Golf Course is ranked #54. This beautiful course is in New Haven Connecticut is home to many Eustis Chairs! Next, The Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square Pennsylvania comes in at #61. Finally, The Buffalo Country Club ranks #93! We are so happy for our clients to see their hard work pay off.  


Finally, we have six more clients who made the list! The Cherokee Town & Country Club is ranked #113, The Longmeadow Country Club is at #146, The Southampton Golf Club is ranked #147,  The Kansas City Country Club comes in at #174, The Chattanooga Golf & Country Club is ranked #179, and finally The Chevy Chase Country Club is ranked #180.  


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At Eustis Chair, we are so proud to work with some of the finest clubs across the nation. We are happy to work with clubs of all sizes. We know that our chairs both look incredible in any space, and are built to withstand years of use. 

Contact us today to discuss your design vision, guaranteed to last decades, and withstand the test of time!


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