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Modern or Traditional Design?

Traditional Decor


Traditional design is back and here to stay! It’s no secret that style trends come and go. Between music, fast fashion, and interior designing trends, tastes are always changing. However, quality products have always stood the test of time. No wonder “vintage” never goes out of style. We are certainly not talking about ugly wall paper or lace doilies. However, when it comes to furniture and home design, we all look for comfort, beauty, and timelessness of traditional decor.  


Fast Interior Design?


Furthermore, the problem with up-and-coming trends is that they are always a dime a dozen. Consumers quickly adapt the latest and greatest. However, once everyone as has adapted, consumers want the next new trend. Over the past two decades, design has been a swinging pendulum. Between ultra-modern, all white, crazy mix-and-match patterns, ‘a splash of color’, or barnyard rustic, no wonder consumers look for the stability of traditional elegance.


Social Media


The rise of social media has arguable made the biggest effect on spread of culture and design. The human eye is naturally attracted to “different”. Furthermore, new styles are called “eye catching” for good reason. Human’s natural attraction to new and different has encouraged designers to think outside the box (for better and for worse). Consumes always want to pounce on new and unique. 




However, like trends in pretty much everything and anything, consumers always grow tired of crazy patterns and colors. And then? Consumers always regress back to comfortable and traditional decor. However, neo-traditionalism is not as rigid as many believe. Like everything else in our era, definitions are constantly changing. In fact, many institutions are happy mixing old with new. Psychologically speaking, consumers are more likely to chose institutions and venues that incorporate both the comfort of tradition and unique eye catching styles. 


Traditional Furniture and Traditional Decor


What does this mean for traditional furniture? No one can make the argument that metal or steel chairs are more timeless than hardwood. Traditional wooden furniture grounds (no pun intended) the space. Even if institutions chose to mix tradition and modern design,  hardwood furniture can be the insinuations constant and never changing variable. Students, fine diners, and general sitters can all agree that traditional decor and hardwood seating provides a comfort and style like no other. 

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