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University Stacking Chair

Clarkson University Stacking Chair

University Stacking Chair


The mission at Eustis Chair is to create the most durable, sustainable, yet elegant chairs on the market. Therefore, we design our chairs specifically for high-use spaces. Spaces such as libraries, university dining halls, and study spaces face the most daily wear and tear. For the average wooden chair, the chair joint is the weakest part of the chair. However, we design our chairs with our patented joinery. Our craftspeople construct our chairs with steel rods and inject retrograde epoxy for added stability, creating the Eustis Joint. Of course, a large portion of our chairs are stackable. Stacking chairs provide ease in storage, set up, and take down for events. Universities are prime examples of high-use spaces that need the most durable chairs money can buy.


Clarkson University‘s facilities planners sent the cover of College Planning & Management magazine to their designer, Kevan Moss Design, and asked for a chair like the one in the photo. Ms. Moss contacted us at Eustis Chair, and discovered that the chair in the photo was our Willard university stacking chair, complete with a 20-year warranty! The university ordered the chairs today in solid Cherry, 124 with wood seats and 48 with upholstered seats. We are excited to work with Clarkson University again in the near future! 

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