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Villanova Study Chairs

Villanova’s New Residential University Study Room Chairs


After 9 years in the making, Villanova recently completed it $225 million residential hall project for university students. At this point, the renovation aimed to sustain the universities collegiate gothic style. It was meant to capture Villanova’s style and feel. Robert A.M Stern of New York and Voith & Mactavish Architects of Philadelphia designed this project.


Through their new project, Villanova aimed to make all facilities useful and accessible to both students and faculty. By and large, the main focus of their construction project was centered around creating more on-campus living for their students. Also, they focused making the institution more attractive to prospective students to come. Villanova recognized the urgency of this project to remain competitive among other top universities. They wanted to offer a more holistic, community experience for their students.  The new residential halls will increase the percent of students that are able to live on campus from 70% to 85%, most of which will accommodate seniors.


The new residence halls now have tons of new amenities including a mail room, technology zone, two fitness centers. They now have wireless internet in and around the building and courtyard. Also, they added a new a parking garage stormwater management systems. To top it off, they installed a new 154-seat restaurant and bar, a performing arts center opening in January lounges, and of course, collaborative study and work spaces.


Study Room Chairs


Therefore, we were very excited to hear about Villanova’s construction project and assist them in comfortable seating. Villanova recognized the wear and tear the new building would receive over the decades to come. They wanted university study room chairs that would last. Voith & Mactivish specified our Jenkins side chair. The Jenkins is durable, comfortable, stackable, and has a collegiate gothic feel. The chairs look beautiful in the residential study spaces. We loved being a part of this project!


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