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Bulfinch Upholstered Chair by Eustis Chair

What does COM and COL mean?

Have you ever wondered what COM and COL stand for?


When you are looking at custom upholstered chairs and furniture online you may come across the terms COM or COL.

COM refers to a customer’s own materials. Furniture manufacturers use this industry term to let you know that they can use almost any fabric you send them on the furniture they manufacture. The result is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of upholstered furniture.

COL refers to a customer’s own leather. If you would like your custom furniture upholstered in leather, then you can purchase your own leather and send it to the furniture manufacturer so they can create your pieces. 

The furniture manufacturer will let you know the guidelines when it comes to COM or COL.


Eustis Chair manufactures custom hardwood stacking and non-stacking upholstered chairs for a variety of industries. 


All of our chairs are available with either a wood seat or cushioned seat covered in fabric or leather of your choice. We work with all commercially available fabrics and leathers and can assist you or your designer(s) in choosing what fabric or leather is best for your institution. Every Eustis Chair is sold COM or COL, meaning you can select any commercially available fabric, vinyl, or leather for your chairs. We are also happy to help you select your fabric or leather. Contact us to discuss options.


We have 30 years of experience manufacturing the best hardwood stacking chairs. Our chairs are made to order in the USA. Many of our chairs can be upholstered to meet the needs of your club, library, or school. We look forward to speaking with you to discuss your design vision. 

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