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What is sheen?

When you consider purchasing wood chairs, you may find yourself asking: What is sheen and why is it important?


Sheen refers to how shiny something is, or how light reflects off a surface. Let’s discuss sheen finishes on hardwood chairs.


How is sheen measured?

  • Sheen is measured at an 85-degree angle. This means light is reflected from 85 degrees away from a surface and back into a receptor. The receptor measures the units of sheen. The units range from 0-100. If the sheen is close to 100 it will have a very shiny or glossy appearance. Whereas, if the sheen is closer to 0, it will have little gloss. 


How should I choose a sheen?

  • The lighting of the room should be a major consideration when choosing a sheen. You will want to consider all lighting sources, including overhead lights, natural lights from windows, etc.


Low sheen on chairs:

  • Helps to hide imperfections and flaws
  • Looks best in a room with lots of natural light


High sheen on chairs:

  • Works best in high-traffic areas
  • Is typically easier to clean than low sheen 


Finish Sheen Options for Eustis Chair Products

For “gloss” we use 60 sheen. “Normal” is 40 sheen. Our matte sheen is 20 sheen. Flat is 10 sheen. Dead flat is between 3 and 5 sheen.


Eustis Chair


To learn more about our chairs, contact Eustis Chair today. We are happy to work with you at any phase of your project or remodel. We can answer any questions you may have about gloss, sheen, finishes, and fabrics. Eustis Chair makes the most durable stacking and non-stacking wood chairs on the market today. Whether your project calls for an antique replication or an entirely new chair design, Eustis Chair can help. Visit our installation gallery for more inspiration. We look forward to hearing from you.

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