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wood chair maintenance

Basic Wood Chair Maintenance

What is the best practice for wood chair maintenance and cleaning? 


We thought you’d never ask!

A well-loved wood chair will naturally face little wear and tear. Of course, due to their unmatched beauty and elegance, wooden chairs require a little more attention than chairs made of other materials. Here are some steps you can take to keep your wood chairs looking like new.

For maximum visual appeal and for a longer life, your Eustis Chairs should be cleaned on a regular basis. The frequency of use, aggressiveness of the users or handlers, and  exposure to food/drinks will all determine how often your chairs should be cleaned. For most institutions, cleaning sessions once per quarter or twice per year will be adequate.

Here are some of our recommendations for your wood chair maintenance cleaning program…


Maintenance Plan


  1. Dust and inspect.  By dusting every chair periodically, you can accomplish two goals. First, you can restore the cleanliness and ‘brand new’ look of your chairs. Also, you can identify chairs that need more attention than just dusting.
  2. Clean wood surfaces. If there is dirty woodwork after dusting, use a liquid cleaner or a wax-polish combination. Mineral Spirits can be used for stubborn stains. In other words, with use of either cleaner or Mineral Spirits, you may find that you need a mildly abrasive pad. We have included the “Magic Eraser” with your kit.
  3. Cleaning fabric. In addition, please note that all fabrics are a little different. You must do some research for your own fabric (use precaution when cleaning!). In other words, we recommend that you test any proposed cleaning method on a small portion before proceeding with the entire chair or the entire room. Dirt and crumbs can be gently brushed or vacuumed off the surface of the fabric. Spills should generally be soaked up with an absorbent towel and wiped off immediately before the spill dries. After that, spills can be wiped off most vinyl’s with a light liquid detergent. Be sure to wipe the surface with a damp cloth after cleaning.
  4. Touch-up work. Above all, some touch up work require a little more attention. Dings and Scratches can be taken care of with various items we have included in our Touch-Up Kit. These items include Mohawk Products Fil Sticks, stain markers, and Old English wood scratch cover


We really appreciate your business and want to continue to be helpful to you throughout and beyond the lifeline of your chairs. We have done and will continue to do everything we can to keep your chairs looking as new as the day they were first delivered!

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