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wood country club chairs

Dunwoody Club Wood Chairs

Dunwoody Country Club Chairs


After installing our Claremont wood country club chairs at Dunwoody Country Club, this model is in their special events rooms. Dunwoody Country Club is at the forefront of clubs in the Atlanta area, where it focuses on philanthropy works. Similarly, its offered amenities range from wellness and aquatics to youth activities for the whole family. The club began in 1965 with ideas for a golf course. Today, it sits on over two hundred acres of land.


In collaboration with Harris Interiors, we set out to replace Dunwoody’s previous seating, which was over fifteen years old and needed upgrading. After some consideration they selected the Claremont chair for their use. The seating was the final element to add a superb elegance to the overall décor and design. Above all, the Claremont has inspired several additions to our line as a top bestseller, with multiple clubs and institutions clamoring for the exquisite, sculpted composition. The back support flows into leaves and diamonds, weaving its way to a seat spectacular in comfort and durability. And because we engineer it with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Claremont comes with a 20-year warranty. Many more generations will enjoy our chairs at Dunwoody’s beautiful events and gatherings; especially as the seating’s craftsmanship will last for decades.

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