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wood dining hall chairs 

WU Willard Chairs

Wood Dining Hall Chairs


Eustis Chair manufactured custom wood dining hall chairs for Washington University. Washington University is located in St. Louis. This private university has been around since 1853.  In fact, it is one of the most exclusive educational institutions in America. For instance, it accepts roughly one of every six applicants to their school. Washington University is consistently ranked in the top twenty schools nationwide. Dozens of Nobel laureates work closely with the University.
The University offers a multitude of places for their students to dine. Dining halls are notoriously busy areas on campus. Our Willard dining hall chairs are a fantastic addition to their dining spaces. 
Washington University chose Eustis Chair for our durable wood chairs that stack. Our stacking component makes storing chairs for events easy. Stacking chairs make a lack of space no problem at all. We work closely with the facilities staff for such projects.  In addition, we plan to do more business with the university as further renovations arise across their campus.  The finished chairs compliment their new home beautifully, even though the renovations still under way! Similarly, we expect the Willard to serve the university for many decades to come, especially with the guarantee of the Eustis Joint in the mix.

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