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wood slat chairs

Wood Slat Chairs

Hardwood Slat Chairs: Combining Comfort and Customizability in Eustis Chair’s Collection


Eustis Chair takes pride in crafting wooden chairs for various venues and occasions. With a team of skilled craftsmen and experts, they offer guidance and customization options to bring your chair dreams to life. While every chair is fully customizable, Eustis Chair also designs chairs tailored for specific venues, including libraries and dining facilities. In this blog post, we will explore Eustis Chair’s hardwood slat chairs, with a focus on their renowned Northampton chair, designed to provide optimal comfort and support in library settings. We will also highlight a recent installation at Camden Public Library, showcasing the beauty and versatility of Eustis Chair’s customizable options.


The Northampton Chair: A Perfect Library Chair


The Northampton chair was specifically designed to offer comfortable and supportive seating in libraries. Balancing comfort with longevity, the Northampton chair provides an ideal seating option for library visitors. Its thoughtful design ensures proper posture and support for extended periods of sitting, making it a popular choice among library patrons.


The Northampton Chair’s Success at Camden Public Library


Eustis Chair’s commitment to quality and comfort was exemplified when Camden Public Library selected the Northampton chair not just once, but twice within a two-month period. The library was so impressed with the chairs during the initial installation that they decided to return for more. The new chairs at Camden Public Library are crafted from Cherry hardwood, featuring Walnut seats and slats, offering a contemporary twist compared to the original design. This modern approach, incorporating different colored wooden slats, adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to library seating. The Northampton chair’s exceptional comfort and exquisite aesthetics make it a true masterpiece for libraries seeking a blend of functionality and style.


Customization Options: Tailoring Chairs to Your Vision


Eustis Chair understands the importance of customization when it comes to meeting specific venue requirements and design preferences. Their hardwood slat chairs, including the Northampton chair, can be customized to suit individual needs. From selecting the wood species to choosing the stain and upholstery, every detail can be tailored to create chairs that seamlessly fit the desired aesthetic and ambiance of any space. Eustis Chair’s commitment to customization ensures that each chair becomes a unique reflection of the venue it occupies.


wood slat chairs

Durability and Warranty: Investing in Long-lasting Seating Solutions


Eustis Chair’s hardwood slat chairs, including the Northampton chair, are built to withstand the rigors of heavy usage in public spaces. Crafted with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, these chairs are designed for durability and longevity. As a testament to their confidence in their products, Eustis Chair offers a remarkable 20-year warranty, assuring customers of the quality and endurance of their seating solutions.


Spreading the Beauty of Slat Chairs to Libraries Across the US


With the success of the Northampton chair at Camden Public Library, Eustis Chair aims to install more slat chairs in libraries across the United States. Our commitment to providing comfortable, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing seating options ensures that libraries can create inviting and functional spaces for their visitors. By incorporating hardwood slat chairs, libraries can elevate the overall atmosphere while offering comfortable seating solutions that promote focus and relaxation.


Wooden Slat Chairs Made in the USA


Eustis Chair’s collection of hardwood slat chairs, exemplified by the Northampton chair, showcases their dedication to crafting comfortable and customizable seating solutions for libraries and other venues. The success of the Northampton chair at Camden Public Library highlights its appeal, both in terms of design and functionality. With customization options available, Eustis Chair ensures that each chair is tailored to meet the unique vision and requirements of their clients. By investing in Eustis Chair’s hardwood slat chairs, venues can create inviting spaces that combine comfort, durability, and timeless beauty.

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