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1896 Historic Courthouse Chairs

Wood Stacking Chairs

It’s not too often that our chairs don’t go to libraries, universities, and dining spaces. However, we love out of the norm projects–they keep us on our toes. Plus, we love being apart of historic projects! In fact, historic reproduction chairs are right up our ally.

 Eustis Chair is honored to be a part of the renovation of the 1896 era Bexar County Courthouse. Bexar County Courthouse is located in San Antonio, TexasLocal Architects, Fisher Heck, are the masterminds behind this project. Project designers also wanted a traditional chair that stacks for the historical renovation of the Double-Height courtroom at Bexar County Courthouse. Furthermore, Bexar County Court House is actually listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Their historic renovation space needed an upgrade. They chose our Bainbridge Island wood stacking chair to suit their high use space. They ordered a dozen of our wood stacking chairs. The courthouse believed the Bainbridge Island would bring traditional elegance into any historic renovation space. Furthermore, the stacking capability allows facility and staff to easily and set up and take down. Our strong stacking chairs are complete with our patented, durable joinery. In addition, the Bainbridge Island chairs also stack 6-8 chairs high, and come with our unmatched 20 year warranty. 

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