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Furniture Stores Near Me


Does Eustis Chair have any furniture stores near me?


No, Eustis Chair has no physical store locations. We manufacture and sell custom furniture that is made to order for each individual customer.


If I want to order custom chairs, where should I start?


First, you will want to look through our chair catalog to see which chairs might work best for your space. Next, you will probably want to take a look at some of our featured projects to see the chairs in different spaces. Then, you’ll want to contact us to discuss how many chairs and what styles you are interested in. From there, we can discuss customization options and send sample chairs. 


How much does each chair cost?


Because we offer a wide variety of customizable features on all of our designs, our chairs and tables are made especially for each individual order. Things like model, quantity, hardwood species, and fabric selection all factor into the cost. And for that reason, we do not publish prices directly online like a physical furniture store might. However, we can certainly provide pricing if you’re interested in purchasing from us. If you are interested, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for your institution’s unique needs.



How many chairs can I order?


Because Eustis Chair is a custom manufacturer and not your typical mass-produced furniture store, we typically have a minimum order quantity. From there, we provide pricing breaks as follows: 25 chairs, 50 chairs, 100 chairs, 200 chairs, 300 chairs, and 400 chairs. 


What can I customize?


Almost anything! One of the benefits of ordering your chairs through Eustis Chair is that we can tailor our products to your needs. Being a custom-made furniture manufacturer, we can change the following to fit your institution’s space: hardwood species, finish, seat, and arms. We also offer logo engravings and the addition of a book holder or a tablet arm in many of our classroom and library chairs.


If you don’t have a physical furniture store, can I still try out your products before buying?


Absolutely. If you’re thinking about purchasing, we encourage you to get a chair sample to try out. Eustis Chair will send out sample chairs anywhere in the US to qualified prospects. Contact us here if you’d like to request a sample. 

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