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Dining Hall Tables by Eustis Chair

Tables by Eustis Chair


For over twenty years our chairs have been utilized with dining hall tables manufactured by other companies. Many of these customers have asked for our help finding durable and elegant hardwood tables. Before his retirement in early 2018, former owner Fred Eustis took the time to design a line of incredible tables. By incorporating the amazing advantages of the proprietary Eustis Joint® into his design, he created commercial dining tables that will last a lifetime.


One-Stop Shopping

For over twenty years our customers had no choice but to buy tables from another manufacturer. 

Now, we can offer a better option!

Dining hall tables by Eustis Chair are manufactured in the same facility as our chairs; all of our products remain American-made. Once they are ready to ship, we will manage the delivery and set-up of both the tables and chairs. This will be reflected in one single invoice, not two. 

For ease of convenience in your expansion or renovation, the choice is yours. For customers that have a preferred table manufacturer, we will continue to pair with them for your signature space. 



Simple Designs That Work

Eustis Chair spent decades designing hardwood chairs for dining hall and dining room customers. In these decades we installed countless chairs to match a wide variety of tables. The line of tables we created is based on our observations and expertise, focused on simple designs that will work in a variety of dining halls. Better yet, every table has a guaranteed service life of 20 years.

For traditional dining halls, we are offering a trestle base for either a rectangular or round table. Our trestle base has a traditional elegance. The construction, using our Eustis Joint®, is second to none. With a history spanning back to medieval times, it is a design that has been approved by builders for centuries. 

For those dining spaces where the trestle is not right, we offer tabletops with a variety of leg designs, matching any decor. Because of our proprietary Table Leg-Plate (TLP) joint, these tables do not require aprons. Table aprons – that is, the wood that juts downwards underneath the top – can require additional cleaning and increased discomfort. Our superior joinery makes the aprons unnecessary while offering the dual advantage of unbeatable durability and easy table disassembly and storage.

Trestle Base

 While most trestle bases are very strong, ours go well beyond those of our competitors. Our Eustis Joint® and TLP Joint are the strongest and most cost-efficient options for dining tables nationwide. In fact, our first trestle table customer was a fraternity at a local university, who wanted our assurance the members would be able to dance on the tables! While we cannot recommend this practice, we have no concerns whatsoever for the structural integrity of our trestle base.


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Table-and-Leg System

We spent years thinking about applying the Eustis Joint® technology to table manufacturing. He finally utilized his expertise to design and test a system that offers truly superior durability, just like our hardwood chairs. The key to this system is our aforementioned TLP Joint. Made with steel rods and high-strength epoxies, the joint is stronger than the wood itself. With this exceptional engineering, we can offer the same 20-year warranty on our tables that we offer on our Eustis Joint® chairs. With the plate permanently attached to the end of the table legs, the legs remain securely attached to the top with as few as 4 bolts. Our Eustis tables can also be easily disassembled and stored.