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Corinthian Yacht Club

Customer Testimonial:       

 “We chose Eustis Chair to build our new dining room chairs and barstools for their unmatched quality and durability.  Having an elegant stacking hardwood chair was also critical because of the large number of events we host.  Members have been thrilled with the redesign. Year to date, we have increased our member-dining food sales by 12% and our member bar sales by 9%. Members who wouldn’t come near the main dining room are now choosing to dine here, because they feel comfortable in this space.”                                                                                                                   – David Titus, General Manager

Working with the SV Design team, Corinthian Yacht Club, located in Marblehead, Massachusetts, chooses Eustis Chair for their dining room renovation project. Corinthian Yacht club selects the stacking Viriginian chair for their dining room seating and the Jenkins Barstool for their bar seating due to our chair’s comfort, elegance, and durability. Like all of our hardwood stacking chairs, the Virginian fine dining chair stacks 6-8 high and all Eustis Chairs are complete with an unmatched 20 year warranty.



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Location Marblehead, MA
Designer SV Design
Chair Virginian, Jenkins Barstool
Wood species Beech
Number of chairs 220
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virginian club chair