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Woodstock Club

Customer Testimonial:       

 “We purchased 275 Eustis Chairs approximately 8 years ago. The quality craftsmanship has allowed our chairs to look as good today as they did the day they were delivered. None of our members or guests know they are a stackable chair and we receive compliments regularly that they aren’t institutional looking. Brian and his team at Eustis were wonderful to work with and answered all the questions my design committee threw at them. I could not be happier with our choice to partner with Eustis Chair on this project for our club.”                                                                                     

– Susan Schenkel, Woodstock Club

Woodstock Country Club Dining Chairs

Woodstock Country Club, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, selected Eustis Chair for their ball room renovation. It was important to the club that 10 chairs could fit around a 60 inch table, and that the chairs were stackable so that they would not have to rent chairs for big events. Therefore, Woodstock decided on the University Club 10-60 for its unique look, durability, stacking convenience, and 20-year warranty.


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Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Designer Eustis Chair
Chair University Club 10-60
Wood species Ash
Number of chairs 275
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