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Lawrenceville School Abbott Hall with Eustis Chairs

April 27, 2018

Custom Chairs for The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey

The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey has just unveiled their redesigned Abbott Dining Hall, complete with over three hundred custom Eustis chairs. As one of the oldest private high schools in the country, Lawrenceville is also ranked amongst the most prestigious and rigorous for their longstanding traditions of excellence. We worked closely with the school and architecture firm Voith & McTavish to develop custom-made Lawrenceville chairs for the Abbott room. The administrators in charge of the project were especially passionate about honoring Lawrenceville's heritage, with multiple design elements that mirror the styles found across their 700 acre campus. 

In particular, the designers for Lawrenceville were pleased to find we could build stackable hardwood chairs for their grand project. Using some of our earlier Gothic chairs as inspiration, we created the new Lawrenceville chair model, distinct from its predecessors like the Taft and Burton Judson with its stunning motif. The back of the chair includes laser engraving on the top rail and defined slats that run downwards to the comfortable seat. The Lawrenceville chairs partner elegantly with the overall space, which the headmaster has called "a treasure for Lawrenceville" that will be an integral piece of the school's illustrious history.

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