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Your Eustis Chair Guide to Private Club Renovations

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Thanks for your interest in our products! Private clubs make up the majority of our business, and in our time we’ve become experts on club renovations. Follow the link below for your FREE Guide to Private Club Renovations:

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We’ve collected the best insights from our past club clients so you can learn from what other boards and managers have done. Interested in more resources? We have several write-ups specific to your seating, one of the most important parts of a fine dining setting (next to your other amenities and top-tier staff). Some of the most popular include:

Series: Architecture Style Spotlight for seating specific to styles like Gothic, Romanesque, and High-Tech spaces
Wood Chairs, Plastic Chairs, and Steel Chairs: The Ultimate Showdown
Traditional vs. Contemporary Chair Styles
Wood Chairs Best for Alleviating Back Pain

Do you have questions that we haven’t covered in our guide? Sound off in our contact form and we’ll credit you in future versions.