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Because we only build chairs to specific customer orders, and because we offer a wide variety of features on all of our designs, our chairs cannot be ordered right from a “catalog”, and we will not attempt to publish prices on this website. However, we can give you some information we hope will prove useful as you begin to plan for a possible purchase of our chairs.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 chairs

Price Breaks: 25 chairs, 50 chairs, 100 chairs, 200 chairs, 300 chairs, 400 chairs.

Hardwood Specie: we offer our chairs in a variety of durable hardwood species, including European Beech, American Ash, Red Oak, Quartersawn White Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. European Beech is currently our least expensive hardwood specie, and Walnut is our most expensive.

Seats: all of our chairs are available with either a wood seat or a cushion seat, covered in a fabric of your choice. We charge the same for a wood seat as for the cushion seat, but you must pay the cost of the fabric for a cushion seat chair.

Arms: arms are available as an option for most of our chairs. The add-on cost for arms for most chairs is currently set at $50 per chair.

Finish: we offer a handful of “standard” finish colors for each hardwood specie, as well as a totally custom stain color. The price is the same for either finish option. 

Packaging & Delivery: we normally pack our chairs in bubble-wrap bags and ship them in cartons, two to the box (side chairs). Charges for packaging and delivery will be quoted on request.