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Custom Chairs

With over 90 designs in our line, there is a pretty good chance that we have an existing chair that will fit the needs of your institution. However, in case you do not see a chair whose design fits your application, we can often design a new chair for you.

Minor Chair Design Change: Many people would be surprised to see how big a difference it can make in the design of a chair to simply change a few slats in the back of a chair, change the shape of a back splat, ease the seating angle slightly, or make other minor changes to an existing design. Now that we have so many different designs, this becomes easier without having to start from scratch with a new chair design.

Stacking Chair to Non-stacking Chair: In the past few years we have converted several stacking chair designs into non-stacking chairs, and we have done the opposite with several non-stacking chairs. With many of our chairs this can be accomplished easily, often without need for a prototype chair.

Antique Chair Reproduction: A handful of the chairs in our line are antique reproductions, and we continue to be willing to reproduce other designs that are no longer made, or that have never been made for institutional use. Send us a photo of the chair you want reproduced, and talk with us about the application and about the feasibility of our producing such a chair.

Totally New Chair Design: When none of our chairs can be altered to produce the chair you want, let's talk about a totally new design. We prefer to focus on larger projects for a totally new chair design, and we prefer to put our engineering resources into designs that we think have potential for other users. We didn't get to over 90 chair designs without creating a few brand new chairs from scratch, and we are still very interested to speak with you about a new chair design.