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2015 Forbes Best Colleges

forbes best colleges

2015 Forbes Best Colleges

2015 Forbes Best Colleges List

Eustis Chair is proud to announce our clients made the Forbes Best Colleges list. In fact, 20 of our College and University hardwood chair clients were featured. Albeit, they were listed in the top 50 of the annual list. Therefore, Forbes partners with the Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP). However, they rank colleges based on a number of factors.

College Ranking

For instance, they look at student satisfaction. Secondly, they consider post graduate success. After that, they look at student debt. Finally, graduation rate is considered as well as academic success. Therefore, we offer congratulations to our valued clients. Concurrently, we also offer our congrats to all of the other great institutions highlighted.

In conclusion, click here for the full list.


For example, here are the Eustis Chair Clients That Made the List:

In conclusion, Eustis Chair expects to see many more of our clients on theses lists for years to come! 

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