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University of Wisconsin Dining

Dining Hall Stacking Chair

There’s not doubt that dining halls are some of the highest use spaces in a university. In fact, dining halls see more foot traffic than any other space. Everyone needs to eat! When students come to their dining hall, they of course, need a place to sit. Many dining halls around the country use metal or plastic chairs for stacking connivence. However, these less durable materials break easy and often. The facility ends up replacing their dining hall chairs frequently and wasting money. 

Therefore, planners for the University of Wisconsin-Madison wanted to go a different route than metal or plastic chairs. Their Elizabeth Waters Dining Facility, Liz’s Market, needed a durable wood chair that could stack. Therefore, they chose Eustis Chair’s Boise dining hall stacking chair for use in their renovated dining commons. The Boise stacking chair is the perfect fit for the more contemporary styling of Elizabeth Waters Residence Hall. Not to mention, the Boise stack brings with it convenience of a stacking chair. Engineered with our patented Eustis Joint®, these chairs stack up to 8 chairs high and come with a 20 year warranty. We can’t wait to work with the University of Wisconsin-Madison on their next renovation project!

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