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3 Reasons Wood Furniture is the Greenest Choice

Choosing between furniture materials can be tough. Plastic is inexpensive and easily cleanable while steel is strong and sleek. But wood furniture is by far the greenest choice. Here are three reasons why:


1. Wood is long-lasting.


Unlike other materials, wood furniture can last for decades. This means that fewer products made with wood end up as garbage, lessening the global waste problem.

Here at Eustis Chair, our wood chairs are some of the most durable on the market. We offer the best joint warranty in the industry with an unbeatable 20-year guarantee against all joint failures, thanks to the Eustis Joint®.


2. Wood is renewable.


Wood is the most sustainable and eco-friendly building material. Because trees continue to grow, it is infinitely renewable. The timber industry used to be poorly regulated. This led to the clear-cutting of valuable woodland areas around the world, destroying whole forests and ecosystems. Now we have a better understanding of the ecological impact of such unsustainable practices. In recent decades, there’s been a shift to prioritize the environment and invest in reforestation. With proper oversight and sustainable logging practices, selective wood harvesting has little or no cost to the planet. 

In the U.S., deforestation has been stabilized over the last century and American forests are now only growing.


3. Wood is good for the climate.


We’ve already mentioned a few reasons why wood is good for the earth, but scientists say wood is also specifically good for offsetting global warming. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, removing it from the air. As they grow, they store that carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere. 

By investing in reforestation, the wood furniture industry is preventing climate change and the greenhouse effect.


For all these reasons and more, wood furniture is the greenest choice. If you’re interested in learning about our wood chairs or tables, contact us here. We’d be happy to help.

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