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stacking chairs

Types of Wooden Chairs 

Chairs come in many shapes and sizes and although two chairs make look the same to the untrained eye, they may not be built exactly alike. When deciding what chair will best suit your needs, it can be exhausting to parse through the infinite options online. But with any chair, there are a few key factors that you can identify; you may think of them as broad types to help guide you as you find your perfect fit. These guidelines for types of wooden chairs will lead you down the path to finding the seats that work for your space and your circumstances. 


Types of wooden chairs 

stacking chair 

Stacking Vs. Non Stacking 


Depending on the constraints of your space, you may need to consider chairs that have stacking options. Stacking is useful when chairs are often moved, relocated, or need to be put away in a closet for future use. It’s common to see stacking chairs used in places like restaurants, libraries, classrooms, and school dining halls. We see stackable chairs utilized most often in high-use spaces.


Not all chairs are stacking chairs. The chairs have to be built strong enough to accommodate stacking. Whether you need stacking abilities within your chairs depends on you and your space needs and how many chairs you intend to buy of the same variety. It is important to note that just because chairs stack typically doesn’t mean they stack with any other chair but rather with others of their same build. 


arm chair and side chair

Side Chair vs. Arm Chair  


Arms on chairs can be a welcome addition for some, and for others, they can be an uncomfortable constraint. They are a very polarizing component of chairs, and that’s why they are important to consider during the chair buying process. Will you be using these chairs in a circumstance that people don’t need to be pulled in close to tables? Are you accommodating people of various sizes? If so, it is imperative you give some significant consideration to whether or not you want a chair with arms.


Arms can be beneficial for people that need help getting in and out of chairs, but they can be physically constraining for people of a certain size. If you really like a chair, see if they come with an arms option. Some customers prefer to order a mix of the same chair as armchairs and side chairs.


arm chair

Upholstered Vs. Wood Seat 


Finally, some wood chairs feature upholstered seats (and sometimes arms).  If you’re looking to create a welcoming environment where people may sit in a chair for a long time, like a reading nook in a library or a classroom or a meeting space, upholstered chairs can offer the comfort that you’re looking for without compromising on the durability of wooden chairs. Of course, that comes at a price. Upholstered chairs are more difficult to clean and may need refinishing earlier than pure wood chairs. All fabrics are built differently, and you may find that upholstered chairs are more work in your space than a chair that is entirely wood. 


Next time you’re in the market for a chair, consider Eustis Chair. We offer all types of wooden chairs within these categories. Finally, we have an extensive catalog of chairs made to order. Please contact us with any inquiries.


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