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Sustainable Wood Chairs

5 Reasons to Buy Sustainable Wood Chairs for Your Next Design or Renovation Project


  • Sawdust collected in a sustainable factory is re-used and therefore does not go to waste. For example, our factory collects sawdust and shavings to sell to farmers for animal bedding.
  • Hardwood chairs are durable and built to last for decades, which leads to less waste.
  • Our chairs come with a 20-year warranty.
  • Wood is the most environmentally friendly raw material. Wood has a high Life Cycle Assessment Score. LCA is a “holistic, scientific approach that considers the resources consumed and the emissions released during a product’s manufacture, use, and disposal.”
  • By using both short and long pieces of lumber to make chairs, we maximize the utilization of the lumber we buy. This practice creates less waste.


We can all do our part in making sure the items we purchase for major projects or renovations are sustainable.


Eustis Chair works with architects, buyers, club general managers, library directors, and more to build sustainable hardwood stacking and non-stacking chairs of the highest quality. We manufacture our chairs in the USA. Eustis Chair products make great country club chairs, golf club chairs, library chairs, university chairs, private school chairs, and more. Contact Eustis Chair today if you are looking to buy sustainable stacking and non-stacking chairs.

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