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5 Ways to Keep Chairs Looking Great

The best way to keep chairs looking great is to invest in quality. Not all furniture is created equal. While cheap chairs saturate the market, they ultimately will cost you more time and money in the long run. Don’t purchase a temporary piece of fast furniture. Buying durable chairs that will last a long time is worth the investment. Another way to keep furniture looking great is to choose furniture materials wisely. Wood furniture is both beautiful and sturdy. While plastic and steel chairs only have a lifetime of a few years, wood chairs last for decades. Thanks to the Eustis Joint, our wood chairs have a guaranteed lifetime of at least 20 years. Once you purchase quality chairs, you may ask yourself, “What’s next?” Let’s discuss how to take great care of your chairs.


1. Control the storage environment


Wood furniture can dry out when exposed to the elements. Ideally, you do not want to store wood furniture in a really humid or hot space. If you are unsure of the humidity levels of your storage space, an inexpensive solution is to buy a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a device that measures humidity. It is best to avoid storing wood furniture in attics or cellars. Wood chairs should be stored in a dry, non-humid space, away from sunlight and the elements. 


2. Dust Regularly


Cleaning and caring for your furniture is also important. As a rule, avoid “all-purpose” cleaners. Use a soft cloth to remove all dust and debris every other week. This will protect your purchase and keep your hardwood chairs looking great.


3. Check for Damage and make small fixes as needed


When cleaning your chairs, regularly check for scratches and water damage. Fixing small scratches as needed will save time in the long run. Small scratches or chips in wood can be easily smoothed over and filled locally.


4. Fabric Care


Use a small vacuum or one with a soft brush attachment to clean the dust off any fabric every 2 weeks. Dab spills while they are still wet to help avoid staining. Re-upholster locally as needed.


5. Take Care When Moving


Even with durable furniture, it is important to take the time and care necessary to properly move your chairs when relocating them to another space. Eustis Chair sells custom-made transporters to allow for easy transportation. They are made to match the mode and hardwood of the chair so there’s no damage done while in use. Our transporters are a helpful tool to keep your chairs looking great for years to come.


5. Refinish the chairs


For major projects, we recommend professional refinishing any significant scratches or the worst 5 to 10 chairs every off-season to keep your entire chair collection looking great. All chairs will likely need to be refinished every 10 to 15 years.


If your institution is not already, you should institute a cleaning schedule for your hardwood furniture. This ensures they maintain their beautiful look and quality over the years. If you take great care of your hardwood furniture, you can expect it to last for a lifetime. 


If you have any questions about hardwood furniture we did not address, please contact us. Our company has been producing elegant hardwood furniture since 1989. We’d love the opportunity to work with you.

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