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Shopping for modern bar stools can be a difficult task. It is sometimes hard to find trendy, contemporary furniture. You don’t want to compromise on quality or comfort. Here at Eustis Chair, we have durable, sustainable wood stools in several styles that will fit with the modern interior design of your space. Let’s take a look at some options.



Jenkins Bar Stool

This popular wood stool was created with inspiration from our Jenkins Hardwood Chair. Clearly, it has clean lines and a simplicity that is sleek and modern. With plenty of back support and an optional upholstered seat and back, as well as optional armrests, this bar stool will be a comfortable place to sit for your patrons. It is most often utilized for restaurants, country clubs, and banquet halls


Medford Bar Stool

The Medford is another modern bar stool that you can shop from our collection. It is designed with a ladder back, bringing a contemporary style to the natural look of wood. Made to be comfortable, this stool has a slight curve in the back rails for the back to rest easily against. It also comes with the choice of arms. This chair was crafted originally for Fenway Park’s State Street Pavilion Club, but it would also look great in any dining club, country club, or restaurant.


Louis Bar Stool

Eustis Chair’s Louis Bar Stool is inspired by our Louis chair. The Louis Bar Stool is often found as country club bar stools, banquet room bar stools, member dining bar stools, and restaurant bar stools. 


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