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8 Notable Projects

At the end of each year Eustis Chair likes to take pause and reflect on some of the amazing projects we get to be part of. Here are 8 of Eustis Chair’s most notable installations this year, in no particular order.

Yale Project1. First on the list is a project we completed for Yale University. Eustis Chair proudly manufactured 772 chairs for Yale University in 2020. For this project, Yale University worked with Ann Beha Architects to transform the historic Hall of Graduate Studies into a new space for the humanities. 585 of the chairs were Federal Reserve in Red Oak and 187 of the chairs were Novato in Beech.

2. Next on the list is a ballroom project in Houston. In 2020, Eustis Chair worked with Harris Interiors on a project for the Houston Country Club Ballroom. Eustis Chair created 400 stacking Claremont chairs in Beech. 

Monterey Stacking chairClaremont wide stacking chair3. Third on our list of notable projects in 2020 is Cate School. Eustis Chair worked with Doubleday Design this year to produce 325 stacking Monterey chairs in White Oak for Booth Commons. Booth Commons is the new dining facility at Cate School, a boarding school in Southern California.

4. Wanakah Country Club comes in at number four on our list of notable jobs. Eustis Chair sold 210 used Claremont chairs to Wanakah Country Club in 2020. These Claremont chairs were originally. made for Echo Lake Country Club. This is a testament to the strength and durability of Eustis Chairs. Eustis Chairs truly last for a lifetime.


5. Stonebridge Country Club in Boca Raton is another notable installation. For this project, Eustis Chair, in collaboration with Sam Rosenberg Design, made a brand new stacking arm chair. The club ordered 200 of the newly designed Stonebridge stacking arm chairs in Beech.

6. River Crest Country Club, the oldest country club in Fort Worth, Texas, comes in at number 6 on our notable projects of 2020. Eustis Chair built125 stacking Claremont chairs for this gorgeous project.


7. Evansville Country Club comes in at number 7 on our list. Eustis Chair constructed 100 stacking Claremont chairs for the beautiful club located in Evansville, Indiana.


8. Last on our list, but certainly not least, is Navesink Country Club in New Jersey. Eustis Chair worked with Judd Brown Design on this project. Eustis Chair produced 100 stacking Council Room chairs for Navesink Country Club in 2020.


That rounds out our list of 8 notable projects completed in 2020. Please contact us today to discuss any upcoming projects you may have. We hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane as we reflect upon 8 notable projects from 2020.             

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