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Antique Reproduction Furniture by Eustis Chair

Antique Reproduction Chair 

Antique reproduction furniture, or furniture made based on historical designs, is an inexpensive alternative to buying antiques. Reproduction furniture not only benefits from the structural stability of modern building techniques and new materials, but it can also be a way to avoid the signs of age on a beautiful, historic piece of furniture. A timeless antique reproduction chair doesn’t have to be exclusively for historical spaces; in fact, you likely see a piece of antique reproduction furniture every day! Some designs are so classic they stay in style well past the time of their inception.  


How To Identify an Antique Reproduction Chair 


Antique reproduction chairs can be difficult to identify. Scholars debate the definition of “antique,” with their identified range anywhere from 50 to 100 years of age. Therefore, a chair design from the 1920s may now be considered an antique reproduction, while others believe that chair designs from the 1970s would also be considered antique reproductions. In part, you decide whether the chair design is old enough to be considered antique. Since antiquity is relative, it’s up to the user!


In addition to the design age, antique reproduction chairs can often be confusing because many of the chair designs we find commonplace today are of antique design. Classic Windsor chairs are typically based on historical design, despite the timeless look. So, is every Windsor chair an antique reproduction? The answer isn’t so obvious!  Asking a manufacturer can be the only way to know with certainty.  


Caring for Antique Reproductions 


One of the many benefits of antique reproductions is that they are easier to care for than actual antiques. For hardwood chairs, we recommend simply using a liquid cleaner regularly. For tougher stains, try Mineral Spirits. Mineral Spirits are less damaging to the varnish of some chairs and are a safe bet for cleaning.  


In terms of regular maintenance, it couldn’t be easier! Hardwood reproduction chairs require very little regular cleaning, but they have many benefits for longevity. We also recommend checking your chair often for damage that could be harmful, such as a break in the wood. If this occurs, take your chair to a local hardwood furniture repair specialist. With proper maintenance, hardwood chairs can be lifelong companions (even lifetimes!).  


Antique or otherwise, the classic style of the past can add a timeless element to any room.  


When you’re considering purchasing antique reproduction chairs, consider Eustis Chair. We carry a wide array of antique reproduction chairs to fit your needs.  

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