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Risley Chair by Eustis Chair

The Risley Chair

The Risley chair was originally designed for the Risley Residential College on the campus of Cornell University. Its stack-ability and elegant carpentry make it perfect for academic settings, libraries, and more. This design features a gothic style, with the back mimicking the classic piers of gothic churches. The dynamic craftsmanship provides visual depth through the intentional placement of back planks. Whether or not your institution features gothic architecture, these historic designs help to create an air of refinement in any space.  


The Risley Chair


Cornell originally featured these chairs in the Risley dining area. With their durable joints, these chairs have been able to meet the needs of students day in and day out. Students have been pushing them in, pulling them out from dining tables, and moving them from table to table since their installation. With easy-to-clean hardwood, the Risley chairs are perfect for anywhere that may sometimes get messy. 


We have specially made the Risley to be stackable up to ten chairs high. So, in areas like dining rooms or libraries, this can be a lifesaver when it comes to rearranging.  


Like other Eustis Chair designs, the Risley features patented joint technology. This technology ensures the joints will withstand any reasonable amount of stress. It is also fully customizable! Add upholstery, an engraved logo, or arms, or change the color or type of wood.  


The classic gothic design is compatible with almost any style of design. Therefore, the simple but timeless design is sure to stay in style for decades, and with the Eustis Joint, we promise the chair’s architecture will too. Additionally, all chairs with the Eustis Joint come with a twenty-year warranty, so you can be sure these are an investment you’re eager to make. We think it looks great in classrooms, libraries, dining rooms, and more! 


Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about the Risley or any other chair in our line, please feel free to contact us.  

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