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antique reproduction

Antique Reproductions

The antique look is making a comeback this year. Design trends have shifted recently from modern to nostalgic. Antique reproductions are a great way to bring some classic elegance into your space.


Here at Eustis Chair, several of the chairs in our catalog are hardwood antique reproduction chairs.

Rose Reading Room Chair

One of our most famous reproductions is the Rose Reading Chair which we made for the New York Public Library in 2016. We provided 504 chairs that perfectly match the originals from the Rose Reading Room. Its beautiful, traditional design and the proprietary stability of our Eustis Joint provide comfortable, long-lasting seating for library patrons. Like all designs with a Eustis Joint, the chairs come with the guarantee they will last at least 20 years.  


In addition, we are able to reproduce other chair designs that are no longer on the market or have never been manufactured for institutional use. If you are interested in having a chair reproduced, simply email us a photo of the chair and we can discuss options.


To learn more about how Eustis Chair can customize products, click here. From minorly tweaking a design to creating a whole new chair, we are dedicated to finding the perfect product for your space.

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