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funeral home chairs

Funeral Home Chairs

Eustis Chair manufactures funeral home chairs. The funeral homes we work with prefer stacking wood chairs. Not only because our stacking funeral home chairs come with a 20- year warranty. Also, because they are easy to move and store when not in use. This makes it easy to clean the space between wakes or visitations. We find many funeral homes are moving away from heavy immobile pews and replacing them with hardwood chairs. The change results in a more updated space with comfortable chairs when people need comfort the most. Let’s take a look back at three of our recent funeral home projects. 



Swan Point Cemetery

We worked with Rhode Island-based designers for this project. Eustis Chair manufactured 89 stacking State chairs that look lovely in the space. The State chairs keep patrons of the Swan Point Cemetery comfortably supported during a difficult time.


Harris Funeral Home

Harris Funeral Home was ready to upgrade their chapel chairs, and they contacted Eustis Chair. The funeral home ordered 150 Somerset side chairs in beautiful cherry wood. We know these beautiful chairs will last for decades to come.


Dolan Funeral Home

Eustis Chair first connected with Dolan Funeral Home at the National Funeral Director’s Conference. They ordered Somerset chairs and added an extra inch of room in the front to make the chairs extra luxurious. 




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