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Banquet Chairs


Nashville’s Richland Country Club has unveiled the first phase of a $20 million renovation. Eustis Chair recently completed a delivery of seventy Council Room clubhouse banquet chairs. Richland Country Club traces its beginning to the turn of the twentieth century. For example, the club strikes an excellent balance between tradition and modernity with their newest upgrades. Their facilities contain nineteenth century artifacts and commemorations of its past presidents. Furthermore, this club community heartily embraces its history and stands proud as a premier organization.


Recently, the operations team chose Harris Interiors to spearhead the modernization. However, the club wanted to maintain its timeless ambiance. Their clubhouse sees multiple banquets every year. Therefore, it was essential to find clubhouse banquet chairs with both sophistication and stackability. The Council Room armchair was the perfect answer to their needs. Furthermore, the chair has spectacular comfort for their patrons and ease of transport for their hospitality staff. These new chairs came with custom staining to perfectly match the rest of the decoration, crafting an enduring atmosphere for the best that Tennessee has to offer. We’re pleased to continue our relationships with institutions throughout the Southeast, where our unmatched seating options enhance the genteel charm of its most respected institutions.

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